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The Good Shit Is Never Easy

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Change is the real bitch in the game of risk. I think we talk entirely too much about how hard it is to take risks without acknowledging that the risk itself is only the first step. The real work is what comes after. I think what keeps us from risk is the clear understanding that something will have to change. Life …

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Leaning In | A Tribute to Sheryl and Dave

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Some of you haven’t read Lean In because you’re afraid Sheryl’s message is laced with propaganda and a one-sided anthem from a privileged female executive. I get it. I almost didn’t read it because all the reviews before the release date seemed to paint Sheryl as this brazen, millionaire who was unacquainted with the struggles of us commoners. I pre-ordered …

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Productivity In The Midst Of A Lull

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I go through slumps when I feel like I’m just wasting the day. And not just the “How was I on Instagram for 2 hours?!” kind of wasting. The super obvious kind where I’m at my desk staring at a wall thinking, “How can I sit here for another 8 hours?”  It’s those messy time periods when you go into your office …

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Consider The Possibilities

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  I’ve found that the things I resist most are the things that end up setting me free. I have this thing called ‘Krysta logic’ which is built solely on fear and one-sided information from my past. It conveniently kicks in when things freak me out or I feel particularly unsafe/threatened. You may be familiar with the daily struggle to overcome your own logic. …

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When A Promotion Isn’t The Answer

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Society tells us to strive for the next step; for the promotion. Because this ideology is so prominent (and honestly, such a huge motivator for the work we do on a daily basis) I think we overlook the reality of the traditional set-up for climbing the ladder. The reality is that most companies promote people who are good at their …

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3 Steps For Streamlining Your Ideas

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To say I’m not prepared for this quarter is an understatement. I feel very cheated by time and am doing everything I can to get my shit together so the next three months can feel more ass-kicky about 2015. If you have a lot of ideas and feel like there is too much to process (what worked, what didn’t work, what …

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When Risk Becomes Your Security Blanket

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The cool thing about living outside of your comfort zone is that, eventually, the unfamiliar becomes familiar. The impossible becomes doable. And the risky becomes a natural road to security. For those of you who follow my Instagram or have even been around me in real life, it appears (by all intents and purposes) that things are going just fine for …

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Not Everyone Can Be Steve Jobs

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I’m sure you’ve noticed that the role of ‘visionary leader’ has been likened to sainthood.  We idolize and immortalize people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg for their ability to create an asinine vision and cling to it like it already exists. It has become a leadership trait more noble and indicative of influence than any other leadership trait and …